AMD Working on DDR5 Memory & “Near Memory” GamersNexus recently received tips from a highly credible source that works at a major memory supplier. We got enough to write several stories, but we’ll start with this one: Our present understanding is that AMD is working with at least one memory supplier to establish an on-site R&D lab at the company’s Austin campus, which is being used to research DDR5 and develop the next generation of memory. AMD is trying to beat Intel to market with DDR5, which fits the company’s history of pushing new memory standards earlier. ATi also did this with older revisions of GDDR memory. Separately, we also learned that AMD is working on what they call “Near Memory,” or HBM being used in conjunction with future CPU components. We’re not clear presently on whether that includes desktop CPUs, but we do know that HBM for CPUs is in active R&D, and given Hades Canyon, that’s not necessarily a big surprise.

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