[HK Extradition] Police opened fire at protestors without warning. One student suffered serious head injuries.

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Jun 12

Police started shooting bean bag rounds and rubber bullets at protestors in the Hong Kong Extradition Law protests without warning. This is a serious violation of human rights and potentially a violation of even the Hong Kong Police’s own codes.

Police caught on camera shooting at protestors without warning.

One student was shot in the head area and suffered serious injuries. It is not confirmed whether he survived or not. The following photos could be graphic.

Student shot and getting treatment.


Original thread:

Someone was shot, help! https://lihkg.com/thread/1207853

Video of another victim of the police. As the video shows, he was not a threat in any way and was actually backing up when he was shot. Hong Kong citizens are now just shooting practice for the police???

Retreating protestor getting shot by HK Police